• Julie has been instrumental to Violet's continued development this past year. Vi absolutely adores her, and we have seen measurable progress in her language (and social/behavioral development) that stems directly from your work with her. ...

    Eric, Chicago, IL
  • I have had trouble swallowing properly since birth. At birth, my mom tells me she had overactive letdown and that I nursed constantly and had projectile vomiting with profuse, frequent spitting up. As a toddler and during Elementary School years, I had trouble easily gagging on food and sometimes threw up my food because I gagged so badly. During my High School years, it progressed to where I was having trouble getting food down past my Adams Apple. It would just get stuck there. During my...

    Stephen, Naperville, IL
  • Katie is awesome. She’s so warm and friendly and patient with my 5 year old son. We contacted Grady Cooney Speach Partners because our son was doing a lot of mouth breathing and since Katie started working with him, we have seen a huge improvement. Our son can now actually close his mouth and breath through his nose. Katie is also very flexible with her schedule. We’ve had to switch therapy days a few times and she was always willing to accommodate us. From our first consultation/e...

    Elzbieta, Lockport, IL
  • We love you guys! Wish our new insurance was in network!

    Erica, Chicago, il
  • We are very pleased with our experience so far.

    Eric, Chicago, IL
  • I really like the care & support Grady Cooney offers to my child. I have seen huge improvements in his speech, too. He looks forward to speech class, & he's learning a great deal from his experience there.

    Denise, Chicago, IL
  • Grady Cooney has been awesome! My daughter had a lost of language and stopped talking for 3-4 months when she was 3 1/2. I took her to Grady Cooney and she started working with Kerry one of the therapist and immediately started back talking. All of the therapists are exceptional to work with and are so great with children. My daughter is progressing and loves to attend her sessions, they make it extremely fun and engaging.

    Karen, Chicago, Il
  • Maureen is always great to work with!

    Christina, Naperville, IL
  • Mrs. Madeline is great with my son, she's patience and knows how to handle tantrums.

    Areli, Chicago, IL
  • We cannot thank Maureen enough for her support and dedication in helping our twins with their tongue and lip ties, as well as feeding issues. She is clearly very knowledgeable in the subject and does a great job explaining everything. Maureen is always available for questions, concerns, or just to ease an anxious mom's mind. I especially appreciate that she took time on her weekends to work with our babies. She is kind and patient with our babies and I know they are in great hands when they are...

    Meagan, Chicago, IL
  • My son has been seeing Maureen since he was 6 months old for feeding therapy and more recently speech therapy. I cannot say enough good things about our experience. Maureen is a kind and caring person who has really gone above and beyond to help my son. I believe she genuinely loves her job and working with children and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a child who has feeding or speech issues.

    Sophia, Chicago, Il
  • Maureen is awesome. She is very kind and explains things very well.

    Stephen, Naperville, IL
  • I had the best experience with Maureen. She was amazing with my son and such a great support system for me as well. The whole staff was always very welcoming and supportive. I drove 40 min one way 2 times a week because of how wonderful this team is. I HIGHLY recommend this group.

    Megan, Lockport, il
  • We have our 3 year old in speech therapy and our newborn receives post-surgery therapy for lip and tongue tie.

    Jen, Oak Lawn, IL
  • So grateful for Grady Cooney Speech Partners, they helped my son with his speech for a whole year. All speech therapist are very professional, kind, friendly and most important dedicated in what they do (helping little ones with there speech). Thank you so much for providing extraordinary services and caring about my son in achieving his speech goals. I highly recommend Grady Cooney Speech Partners.

    Maritza, Chicago, Il
  • We began speech therapy a few months ago and have had a tremendous experience. The staff is amazing. My son looks forward to every visit and we have gotten so many positives comments from our friends and family on how far he has come!

    Erin, Chicago, Il
  • There are no words to express how great Maureen is with our daughter. I have observed tremendous improvement in my daughters eating since having her ties released. Maureen is very knowledgeable regarding the subject and does a great job of explaining everything. I only wish we were able to get this issue recognized earlier. More needs to be done to get the education out there regarding ties and how important they are to your child's health. Thank you GradyCooney for doing a great job.

    Guy, NEW LENOX, IL
  • Great speech pathologists and great patient service. Our son has made awesome progress.

    Melissa, Oak Lawn, il
  • Great speech pathologists and great patient service. Our son has made awesome progress.

    Melissa, Oak Lawn, il
  • Great speech pathologists and great patient service. Our son has made awesome progress.

    Melissa, Oak Lawn, il
  • Our 2 1/2 year old son just loves his time with his speech therapist Madeline. She is warm and engaging and doesn't hesitate to sit right down on the floor with him during his sessions. They play games and sing songs all while learning and developing his speech skills. He has come such a long way since he started with Madeline. We are so glad that we chose Grady Cooney Speech Partners as his therapy provider.

    Amy, Chicago, il
  • Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. First I am so glad to see this business in our community. Maureen is very knowledgeable regarding so many aspects of speech therapy and oral motor development. I felt completely comfortable with her the first time I talked to her. She then set me up with Kerry who also was experienced and helpful with my son. I felt we were setting up a great partnership to work with him. Denise was also very efficient and helpful regarding the insurance...

    Nancy, Oak Lawn, IL
  • Maureen is excellent with our son. Since our son started working with Maureen, his speech has improved significantly. She seeks to fully understand and assess areas of development, and thoughtfully creates a plan for improvement. We are grateful for the care and dedication Maureen has shown in helping our son improve.

    Meghan, Western Springs, IL
  • My son has been seeing Madeline for about six months. She is absolutely wonderful at what she does! Not only is she very knowledgeable and professional, Madeline presents learning in a fun, exciting way. My son always looks forward to their visits and lights up when he sees her. I am so appreciative and grateful for all the help we have received from Grady Cooney Speech to give our son the boost he needs!

    Anne, Chicago, IL
  • Kerry is phenomenal! She's very thorough and explains everything that goes on during the sessions and the progress my daughter is making after every visit. My daughter looks forward to seeing her every week. I've also had the pleasure of speaking with Maureen she is very nice and easy to talk to. She expresses concern for her clients which I'm grateful for. The office is clean and comfortable. After a long process of looking for a speech pathologist I am so glad I found Grady Cooney speech...

    Nikki, Brookfield, IL
  • My daughter looks forward to going to speech every week! Maureen is so caring and understanding with life's situations and has really given my daughter the therapy she needed! Kerry is amazing and keeps making my daughter stronger!

    Chris, Chicago Ridge, IL
  • Highly recommended

    Julie, Evergreen Park, Il
  • We just love Maureem and Madeline so much! They make everything step of paperwork and insurance easy and all lessons are personalized for my kids!

    Sarah, Chicago, IL
  • I highly recommend Grady Conney Speech Partners, Lfd. My son has been in speech for over a year. Maureen and Madeline are amazing! Everyone has noticed his speech has improved tremendously and I have them to thank for that.

    Terese, Chicago, Il
  • We were connected with Grady Cooney Speech and Feeding Therapy back in October of 2015. My then 3 year old son, who was a late talker, began seeing Maureen right away. The first meeting he basically hid behind me the entire time. Now, not only has he improved his speech patterns by leaps and bounds, but my boy has this incredible self confidence. He will talk to ANYONE. He still has a ways to go, but we are so proud of what he has accomplished with the help of "Miss Mo." She is so easy to...

    Lauren, Chicago, IL
  • Grady Cooney has been working with my son for almost 3 mos now and I see so much progress already. My 2yo son was diagnosed with ASD and hasn't say any words. I was devastated and hate to see him struggling, but now his eye contact is so much better, he's getting better at playing blocks and puzzles, and more vocals. I love my son and now I am starting to see lights at the end of the tunnel. Grady Cooney was recommended by our Developmental Pedeatrician. Paperwork was very easy and prompt. We're...

    Ani, Chicago, Il
  • Madeline did a wonderful job helping my son with his speech development. She is a dedicated educator who was knowledgeable, caring, & professional. I was very happy with the progress Jimmy made working with her.

    Denise, Chicago, IL
  • Maureen exceeded my expectations when I took my 3 month old in for a feeding evaluation. She was wonderful with him, never made me feel rushed (we were there for an hour and a half), answered all my questions and thoroughly explained what she observed and her recommendations. she is professional and encouraging as she works with you to face your child's challenges. I am looking forward to continuing therapy for my son with Maureen.

    Kathryn, Oak Lawn, Il
  • They were very nice and helped me get the referral from the primary doctor quickly. They knew how to accommodate my child who has special needs,.

    Nida, Oak Lawn, IL
  • Maureen is a great therapist for my 8 year old daughter. She takes time to explain all exercises and why they are important. Maureen is very thorough in her work and explanations. She has even talked to the orthodontist personally! Also, the office is nice, clean, and up to date. No complaints here!

    Cheryl, Hobart, IN
  • Kerry is an amazing speech therapist!!!

    Jamie, Oak Lawn, IL
  • It has been a pleasure working with Maureen. She is providing Orofacial Myology therapy for my 7 year old son. She is very knowledgeable. She makes my son feel comfortable. I am confident my son is in good hands.

    Stephen, Chicago, IL
  • I think this place is great. I'm really impressed how far my daughter has come since coming here. I would highly recommend them. Maureen is the best!!!!

    Sherry, Burbank, IL
  • My experience with Grady Cooney Speech has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, my 3 year old son has grown leaps and bounds since beginning their program in October.

    Erica, Chicago, IL
  • Maureen Cooney, SLP is an amazing myofunctional and speech therapist. My children have both worked with her and she is very patient and the kids love her. I have found great improvement in their breathing and cranial facial development with her hard work and dedication.

    Dr. Jennifer, Chicago, IL
  • Jen is great! She has been working with my family for almost 5 years now. She has worked with all three of my children. She has great practical ideas for how to incorporate therapy into every day life. Also, she has worked in the school setting. She is very helpful with the transition from early intervention to preschool. We are very lucky to have her work with our family!

    Katie, Chicago, IL
  • Maureen has been great to work with and is doing an excellent job with our daughter's speech issues.

    Alison, Chicago, IL
  • Maureen Cooney was absolutely wonderful!

    Colleen, Wilmetye, Il
  • Maureen is so knowledgeable about all things related to my daughter's specific speech disorder. She is patient and works hard to educate me (the parent) and to motivate my four year old daughter (the client).

    Sarah, Mokena, Il
  • Maureen is very friendly and easy to work with. She makes the process simple and easy to follow.

    Eileen, Lockport, Il
  • *

    Elise F, Elmhurst, IL
  • Great experience. Been with Maureen for 2-3 years. My son has shown great progress! Thanks maureen

    Janice, Evergreen Park, Il
  • I have been very happy with my experience at Grady Cooney. For the first time in a long time I have not had pain in my jaw and I am now not required to wear my daytime TMJ splint. Maureen has done a wonderful job of explaining what each exercise is and the reason behind each exercise. Her explanation of the exercises has allowed me to make sure I am completing them correctly and under the process that is taking place. Maureen has been very flexible in working around my schedule due to...

    Stephanie, Naperville, IL
  • My daughter has been seeing Maureen for 6 months and in that time her personality has bloomed. She went from being a frustrated toddler unable to verbalize her wants to being able to ask for specific items. She has also struggled with feeding challenges and unable to gain weight. Maureen works closely with her other therapists to incorporate her changing needs. The staff is very friendly and my daughter adores them.

    Kristin, Chicago, IL
  • We are very happy with Maureen! Our daughter has made lots of progress with her speech therapy sessions. I really like the parent education she provides me. I find it so helpful to have specific things to work on with my daughter on a daily basis. The new clinic is really beautiful and clean! You feel more like you are in a nice home than a sterile therapy clinic! I highly recommend Maureen and this clinic!

    Katie, Chicago, IL
  • Maureen has been working with our family for 5 years. At two years old, my son was not speaking any words with meaning. In one month his vocabulary blossomed, and he continued to grow with her lessons and techniques. She now works with my youngest son, and he is improving his articulation and oral motor skills. My husband often comments that the best thing we did was hire Maureen for our sons.

    Erin, Oak Lawn, IL
  • Maureen has helped me a great deal in my overall journey to TMJ health. Her myofunctional treatment is the last step in retraining my muscles to stabilize my jaw. I've learned how important proper swallowing is and that you wouldn't believe how dysfunctional an adult's swallowing, chewing, and muscle function (tongue, cheeks, lips) could be! It's hard work being an adult and trying to learn new "tricks," but Maureen is super patient and helpful every week.

    Erica, Oak Lawn, IL
  • Grady Cooney Speech & Feeding Therapy has been a such a blessing in our lives. Maureen is a wonderful caring therapist. Our son absolutely loves her. His speech has improved greatly! I love that she works on games that include higher level thinking skills. I highly recommend Maureen to anyone who's child needs speech or feeding therapy. You will be so happy with the results. Terese OKeefe

    Terese, Chicago, Il
  • I would like to start by thanking Jennifer Gilhooly for the work that she did with and for my daughter, Parker. It became clear to me very early into our services that Jennifer not only loves what she does, but she truly cares for the children that she works with. Parker made leaps and bounds with her speech every week because of the Jennifer's work with her as well as her recommendations for work that I should be doing with her throughout the week between sessions. The weekly activities she...

    Katherine, Evergreen Park, IL
  • I've learned so much about my personal health from my evaluation and am excited to start Myofunctional Therapy with Maureen!

    Terry, Palos Heights, IL
  • Maureen has an excellent reputation and I would gladly use her services! A great person!

    Clifford, New York, NY
  • NA

    Erin, Evergreen Park, IL
  • Maureen was our speech therapist for over a year and a half. She was excellent! She developed a wonderful relationship with our son Connor and made amazing progress with him. He LOVED working with her and my husband and I adore her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great speech therapist!

    Barb, Chicago, Il
  • Maureen made me feel at ease about the whole process and it didn't feel so clinical. Even after her evaluation she checked in on Emily to see if I had any concerns about Emily's development. The evaluation was more like a visit from a friend rather than a therapist.

    Kristen, Chicago, il
  • Holistic practice, listened to our experiences, concerns and addressed each. Depth of knowledge on speech pathology as well as child development and healthy rearing. Exhibited genuine respect and care for our daughter and family. Provided suggestions on how to work with our daughter's speech issues at home. Dependable and reliable.

    Carrie, Oak Lawn, IL
  • My son loves Maureen! He has been a patient of hers for over three years. Maureen was spot on diagnosing my son's tongue tie when the pediatrician missed it. My son's speech improves weekly and she keeps the exercises fun and fresh with games and new activities each week. We couldn't be happier!

    Larissa, Illinois
  • Mrs. Grady-Cooney is a wonderful and compassionate SLP, who exudes a great deal of enthusiasm. She appears to be extremely knowledgeable in her field of study. In addition to her services, Mrs. Grady-Cooney offers valuable resource support to her clients.

    Kate, Chicago, IL
  • I could not be happier with the services my son is, and has been, receiving! In the past year we have seen huge improvements in his speech. Everyone's frustration levels are down, and we can almost have a conversation with him. It is rare that we can not figure out what he is telling us. Maureen is great and has been so supportive. Scheduling is perfect and accommodating. Our son can wait for his session time, and works really hard at being comprehensible.

    Kelly, Chicago, IL
  • Very interesting. Thorough. Had results in days.

    Emmett, Chicago, Illinois
  • Maureen is wonderful! She's very personable, knows her stuff and bends over backwards to please her clients.

    Lisa, Glenwood, IL
  • Maureen is tremendously knowledgeable and brings a specialized array of skills and approaches to the therapy session and every client she works with. Excellent communication skills, detailed feedback and superior carry over strategies for the parent to utilize within the home are just a few of the components one will receive when working with Maureen. She is fully inclusive and collaborative with the family and other disciplines that might be a part of the client's case.

    Paula, Naperville, IL
  • Maureen Cooney has been a valuable resource in trying to get my son the help he needs to overcome his speech issues. My son listens to and respects Maureen and she explains to him the "why" behind the exercises she has him perform.

    Tracy, Evergreen Park, IL
  • Great experience so far. Maureen is wonderful with my son and very patient with him. She is very good about being creative in her approach to improve his overall well being.

    Jenny, Chicago, IL
  • I have had a very positive experience with Maureen so far and expect that will continue. She explains everything she's looking for and why, shows what things I need to practice at home with my son and is very good & sweet with him as well as the rest of my family. I would recommend her without question to anyone.

    Maureen, IL
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